New Requirements Modeling - tabular View


the new version of VP UML 6.2 has the new Requirements Table View (very nice) :smiley: . Now, there are two things that I miss:

a) I would like to sort the table view (e.g. clicking onto a column name to sort by my tags e.g. date, responsible person, risk type etc.)
b) I would like to export the requirements table view to CSV, EXCEL or some other format

Maybe it is possible to do that with VP UML 6.2, but - I am sorry - I couldnt find these functions. :frowning:


Hello BerndWill,

Thanks for your feedback, but Iโ€™m sorry that currently both of them are not supported. Iโ€™ll discuss with our engineers to see the possibility on supporting this.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hello Rein Wong,

if there was option B (export to CSV or Excel), the sorting of the columns could be left out. The main topic is, that I cant print this tabular view in reports and I cant use it elswehere. Right now it simply is an alternative view for editing requirements.

But I really need to export the table content to some external file to discuss requirements with my stakeholders and sort their priorities.

By the way: The tabular view (and export) also would help a lot with TestCases and other elements !

My job is to manage stakeholder expectations and therefore I need an overview, what work is done and what tasks are missing; I need to export this information and present it to my stakeholders.

At the moment, the internal tabular view is reduced to Requirements (not Tests or other elements) and this view is not reusable (neither VP UML reports, nor export).

By the way: I miss the feature in Textual Analaysis to extract requirements and testcases there. Most of our diagrams come out of official meeting protocols and I would like to link back requirements (and other elements) to these textual protocols. Elsewhere, requirements simply would fall from heaven, if there was no traceback to the surveys or meeting protocols.


I agree completely. Currently the table view is just nice to look at. Other than that there is no point to it. Now if it could be exported and printed, that would make it use full.


Hi Bernd and Garrett,

Thanks for your suggestions. Iโ€™ve forwarded your message to our team for further feasibility studies. Personally, I donโ€™t think your requests are impossible. In fact, they will be very useful additions. I will try my best to convince my team to support them. Will keep you posted on the status of the suggestions. Thank you very much!

Best regards,