Newbie to UML:use case struggling to find the connection

so here is the system I am trying to model…

A client sends us a message that lists the ids of a bunch of records. We need to take that message retrieve the record information, receive recipient information, and send it to the recipient

Easy enough right… So why the bloody hell am I having so much trouble diagramming it!!!

Here is what I have for my actors
• Sender: The sender sends a request for a record list to be sent to a receiver.
• Receiver: Receives and processes record list.
• Manager: Maintains and monitors the system
• Billing: Handles billing the appropriate parties.

in diagram one my use cases are

-Send Order
-Check order Status
-Receive Billing Info
-Receive records

I am trying to make a second use case diagram showing the link between Send Order and Receive Record, however, I can’t figure out a link can someone help?

Hi Partyk1d24,

Thanks for your post. You can create view of Send Order and Receive Record on the same diagram, then create the relationship between them. After that, you need to delete the view but preserve the relationship between them.

You may refer to the flash movie of how to do this at the following link (this flash is using class diagram as example):

If there are any further inquiry, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong