Non-english keyboard support


Sometimes I want to add a note to the diagram in my native language (polish). Although VP-UML correctly displays polish native letters I have problem entering them, because they are normally entered by right_alt + letter combinantion.
For example:
letter “ł” - right_alt+“l”,
letter “ś” - right_alt+“s”,
letter “Ś” - right_alt+“S”

VP-UML displays these letters and then do some strange things - propably do actions assigned to shortcuts.

I think you can repeat this behavior if you choose “Polish (programmers)” as keyboard layout in Windows.

Best regards

Hi Krzysiek,

Sorry about the problem. I will pass on your concern to our developers for further investigation.


Dear Krzysiek,

I would like to notify you that the problem related to entering Polish native letters is fixed in the latest release. If you are interested to have a try you can download the latest deploy at:

PS. The link is valid within this week. But we may remove the file later on.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Best Regards,