Not running on Mac OS X

I’ve never used this product before so I’m not sure exactly what to expect. Community edition seemed to install OK on Mac OS X 10.3, although it wasn’t automatically launched. No startup shell script was installed, so I just ran the vpuml.jar. It presents a working configuration UI, but when I click the Finish button that’s the end of the story – the config window goes away and nothing else happens. There’s nothing bad in the system console.

Any ideas?


Hi Steve,

At the moment, there is no startup shell script for MacOS X (however, there will be one for VP-UML version 3 when it is released).

For the time being, the command to start VP-UML is:

java -cp vpuml.jar:vpumlresources.jar RV

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ah, very cool. Thanks!