Notes can't be 'Sent to'

In sequence diagram:
It appears notes can’t be sent to anoter/new diagram, why is this?
The right-click-menu item is missing.
(on any other object: Right-click-> Send To…-> New sequence diagram)


Hi Alex,

The problem of unable to send note object to a new sequence diagram is fixed and deployed as a hotfix. Please download the hotfix here:

The following article shows you how to apply the hotfix to your VP Suite installation:

If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Regards,

I checked in 2.2 and it’s fixed!
fyi, while testing I just noticed a small bug, the position of the texts of ‘Self messages’ are reset when you do Send to…

Hi Poke,

Thank you for try our new version and informing me about the fix. I will forward your feedback to our engineers about the problem of position of self message. Thank you once again!

Best Regards,