Nothing happens

I’ve installed VP for Eclipse using the noinstall version and after restarting Eclipse I don’t see anything related to VP UML in Eclipse. I’m using V3.0 build 200406251208 on Windows XP.

What have I missed?

Hi Kit,

Are there any menus which say “Start VP-SDE EC”?



Hi Kit,

Did the License Manager pop up? If not, try pressing “alt tab” to see if the License Manager pops up.

Hope this helps.


No, the License Manager didn’t pop up. Pressing “alt tab” switches to the last application I used, which in this case was my browser.


We will have a look into this problem. Is it possible to use an install version of the SDE for Eclipse?



I have the same question.
The SDE is not integrated within eclipse.
And the install version has the same question too.


We can try to delete the directory c:\eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi
then restart the eclipse and we can find the “model” menu.

Same problem here. Unziped the downloaded no-install file as instructed and it does not integrate with Eclipse 3.0

Same issue here. Unzipped the No-Install as instructed in the online manual and it does not integrate into Eclipse 3.0.

Same problem using the integration with Netbeans build. Installation completes, but no icons are created and nothing happens. It displays a message that there were problems during installation and to view the log, but there is no log file…

the same here, but deleting the directory c:\eclipse\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi and then restart eclipse did the trick.


I have the same problem and I would like to know if you resolve it ?
Sorry, for my bad english, I’m a Canadian French.

Thank you


I found another manner that we can create a file named “.eclipseextension” in folder “eclipse”.
The file content is below:

name=Visual Paradigm SDE-EC

and go menu Help->Software Updates->Manage Configuration… to new this plugin.

So, we can do this if any plugin you found this problem!