ORM Diagram:

I’m getting this error:

“Error 'Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (…”

This is due to the order the generated sample data is being inserted.
VP is inserting values that refer to yet non-existent tables first.
It seems VP is not acknowledging precedence of tables.
How can I change that?

The second error, which is less serious:

[20:28:30] [Error] Error ‘FUNCTION CalcRating already exists’ when executing ‘CREATE FUNCTION CalcRating…’

In the DDL, VP dropped a procedure which really is a function, can I change that?

Thank you.

Hello Boston,

Thank you for your message and would you mind send me your project file to have a look? If you don’t want to upload the post to forum, you can send it to suppor-team@visual-paradigm.com. Please include the forum URL in your email so that we can associate the issue in an easier way. Thanks!

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