ORM generation tool error


I am testing Visual Paradigm to create ORM. The tools generates the code and sample code. An error appears when running the generated sample code: It is adding some characters to a table on the query:

22:56:02,363 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter:101 - Unknown column ‘mncat1_.Idpk’ in ‘where clause’

The real table is called mncat, not mncat1_

Here is the scenario.

I have two Entities:

Idpk: int(10)
Desc: varchar(255)

Id: int(10)
MnCat_Idpk: int(10) // foreign key to MnCat
Desc: varchar(255)

The tool generates the DB and the java code with some sample:

System.out.println(“Listing Mng by Criteria…”);
application.core.MngCriteria mngCriteria = new application.core.MngCriteria();
// Please uncomment the follow line and fill in parameter(s)
application.core.MnCatCriteria mngCriteriaMnCat = mngCriteria.createMngCategoryCriteria();
application.core.Mng[] applicationcoreMngs = mngCriteria.listMng();
length =applicationcoreMngs== null ? 0 : Math.min(applicationcoreMngs.length, ROW_COUNT);
for (int i = 0; i < length; i++) {
System.out.println(length + " Mng record(s) retrieved.");

The error:
22:56:02,363 ERROR JDBCExceptionReporter:101 - Unknown column ‘mncat1_.Idpk’ in ‘where clause’

I would appreciate if you could help me find what is wrong.

Hi user,

Thank you for your evaluation and sorry about the problem. Could you attach your sample .vpp project for us to have a try?

Best regards,

Hi user,

I have tried creating an ERD and class diagram with the information given, generate DB and code, and test with the generated stuff. Unfortunately, I am unable to repeat the problem. I hope you could send me your project file for checking. Thank you.!

Best regards,