Out Of Memory Error

Hi, currently I’m using the plugin for JBuilder (foundation).
I have about 40 use case diagrams.
I’ve also some base codes already in existence. About 100+ java classes.
When I tried integrating the jbuilder project with the design model by reverse engineer, the computer just keeps adding memory usage until my JBuilder with the plugin crashes.

Is there a limit to the number of classes you can do round trip engineering on?

Any information will be helpful as I’m preparing for a purchase of a UML/Case Tool that can perform roundtrip engineering and Visual Paradigm is one of the few that I’m considering now.

Thanks in advance.

There is no limitation on doing round trip engineering. This is a problem come from memory. As more and more classes you want to reverse or generate, the amount of the required memory should be increase.
Did you try to set the jbuilder.config file in you JBUILDER_HOME/BIN directory?
Try to edit:

I have also found the same issue using Eclipse plug-in. I have a plugin that monitors the memory being used and as more and more classes are reverse engineered the memory grow exponentially to the point where even with allocating up to 1 GB of Memory (-Xms512m -Xmx1024m) I lock up. It appears to me that the VPP file is too large. Even in the stand-alone VP-UML IDE I cannot save the VPP file. I get the prompt to save and click OK, but the dialog (after some time) is redisplayed. If I select Cancel and then exit the IDE it prompts me to save the VPP file (which I then get into a catch-22). I am using the evaluation version of VP-UML 4.0