Package and use case names suffixed with '2'


I am using VP 5.0 and have created a vp project with one use case diagram in it. I took a working copy of the project by using Save As but somehow both the original and the copy have now got ‘2’ appended to names of packages, use cases, and actors.
This is surprising because I didn’t think there would have been any link between the two projects.
If I try to update the names and delete the ‘2’, the diagram reverts after save, close, and reopen.
To add to the confusion, some of my use case names are getting replaced with names from other use cases in the same diagram but different packages…

Is there anything I can do short of redrawing the diagram from scratch?

Many thanks,

Dear NicoleP,

Thank you for your post.

Regarding saving, we are sure that the Save As operation would not commit the changes to the original project (unless you save the project as the original one). We suspect that you might have accidentally triggered the ‘Save’ (e.g. by Ctrl-S) function before ‘Save As’.

Regarding the naming of use case, we think that it is caused by the model sharing function. By default, when you press Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V to perform copy and paste of a model, the specification of the pasted model will be shared with the source model. When you made a change on the pasted model, the source one will be changed, too. Therefore, when you enter UseCase2 as the name for a Use Case copied from the original Use Case with UseCase as name, the name will be immediately changed to UseCase2 as conform to the changes of its instance.

For now, I would suggest you download the latest 5.1 version of VP-UML, and then re-draw the diagram. You can create shapes via resource icon or from the diagram toolbar to avoid the behavior of model sharing.

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Hi Jick,

Thank you for your help.

The ‘2’ thing was a bit odd seeing that I hadn’t copied and pasted the diagram but was working on a whole new project.

Anyway the diagram started behaving really oddly i.e. I could not rename any existing non-‘2’ use case and the stereotyping disappeared from my actor and nothing would bring it back.

So I wrote it off as a pickle and started from scratch. It’s running ok now.


Dear NicoleP,

I am very sorry for this problem. If possible, may I have your project file and the log file for checking? You could locate the log file at %VP Suite_HOME%/bin. Thank you in advance!

For privacy concerns, you may send me your files through E-mail. My E-mail address is:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,