Packages in class diagrams

Hello, I am using the latest version of SDE for VS.NET 2003.

A couple of issues:

  1. By default, when you drag and drop a class onto a diagram, it includes the containment (the class appears within it’s packages). Is there any way I can turn that off? I can do a “Form Diagram” and turn off containment, but I can’t find any option to turn it off otherwise. This is a very big issue, as diagrams quickly become unreadable (which eliminates the purpose of the diagram).

  2. I am using C#, and If I create a realization relationship on an interface, the Attributes don’t get created, just the operations, is there a reason for this. I clicked on the new class and “View Inherited” is selected, it just doesn’t look like it’s getting in there.

Please response asap as my product selection period is quickly coming to a close.

Dear Paul,

For the drag and drop problem, currently the parent packages are created automatically and you cannot turn off this behaviour. In the meantime you can drag the classes out of the packages manually, and we are going to support this option very soon.

About realizing interfaces, we have really missed the support of inheriting the properties (which are modeled using attributes) of interfaces, and we will fix this problem in the next release of SDE for Visual Studio .NET. Thanks for your opinions.