Page is empty when printing a diagram


when I try to print a diagram, the resulting pages are empty. This happens only when I change the transparency or when I use a gradient filling. I use the modeler edition 4 on a MacOS X machine.

Who can help?

Thanks, Smotie.

P.S. Please, do not recommend to me not to use gradient fillings or transparent backgrounds :wink:

Dear Smotie,

Can you attach the vp.log file so that we can investigate the problem? Thank you.



Dear Smotie:
This is a bug from Swing of Mac OS X. I am sorry about that. I suggest that you can export diagrams to image and paste to document.
To export diagram to image
File -> Export Active Diagram as Image…
or File -> Export Diagram as Image…
or File -> Export Selected as Image…


Dear antony, Dear whitehole,

thank you for your help. With the Tiger release of Mac OS X, the Java SDK will also be relased in a new version. Until then, I do not use decorations.