Pinning drives me mad

Dear all,

I am using VP Modeler Edition 9.0 Build 20120418 on an Apple (MacOS 10.7.3).

I am desperately trying to finish a UML context diagram. As unnecessary as it may
appear, I would like to pin the association of an actor to the very left edge of a use case (with pinning enabled).
This works fine unless the use case is contained within a system. In this case, VP refuses
to pin the association appropriately (to the border of the use case). It seems to me that VP
is somewhat “irritated” by having a system lying below the use case.

I am convinced that I am not the only person on earth creating use case
diagrams :wink: Is this a known bug? Maybe something Mac specific?

Best regards,

Hi Michael,

If I haven’t misunderstood you, it works with the latest patch version of VP-UML 10.0 (20120827br) as shown in the screenshot.


Hi Michael and Stefan,

First of all thanks Stefan for answering. Michael, I just performed some testing around pinning the end of association. The result is fine. Are you still able to reproduce any issue? If yes, please feel free to post again with the steps and the result.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung