Plain c++ reverse engineering


I have just downloaded vp-uml and have searched pdf but I cannot figure it out if vp-uml supports reverse engineering. There is a plugin for code generation but what about generating model from existing code. If it is not implemented the question is if it has been planned. Or maybe vp-vs supports such a feature now?



I had tried the instant reverse of C++ in Visual Paradigm for UML Professioanl Edition.

Are this feature you looking for?


Now I see… the different menu… a bit far from code engineering menu :slight_smile:
Unfortunatelly (1) I have not searched through PDF document for other words than ‘c++’… so document is not up to date :confused:
Unfortunatelly (2) every time I get following message:

‘Instant Reverse unsuccessful.
Reason: unknown.’

After this operation vp.log file has no new rows. Restarting VP does not help. I have tried this option on one header file with dummy C++ class declaration…

On the other hand, if instant reverse would work :slight_smile: it is not complete round-trip for c++ I guess… what about code generation using VP UML Pro? Is it possible or I have to use dedicated SDE (for Visual Studio)?