Plan for more general scripting and more tweakable code generation

Hello I am a very recent user of VP but selected it hands on and with no hesitation for its attention to details and to the expressiveness of the modeler through the model, instead of the tools being a shore to use.
Some simple tests with simple modeling case where really illustrative. If it helps I can write a short sample of the immediate use tests I did.

Another very important point for me was the support, even at a lower level of python, a language I use and plan to use even more in the future.

I had a very quick look at code generation and plug-in development and I understood the following

I have thus several questions :

[ul]Do you have plans to allow Jython[/url] development with the openAPI (It may be already possible I need to install an eclipse or a configure my [url=]PyCharm to check on it.

[ul]And more importantly do you have plan to add a Jython console to VP to allow easier model introspection and scripting inside the tool ?

I would also love more integration of VP with PyCharm[/url] or WingIde the two most prominent pro ide in the python world, given than [url=]PyCharm by Jetbrains is probably very close in term of IDE API to IntelliJIdea from Jetbrains too.

Thanks a lot for this great tool