"Please select the SDE CE-EC project path"

Hello, with SDE 3.3 for Eclipse,
if I open the SDE from within Eclipse, I am asked

“Please select the SDE CE-EC project path"
If I select the option
"Create or select existing project at external location”

I may NOT create a file ( but probably just open an existing file),
by clicking on the file explorer ("…"), as if I try, there is the

error message
File not found
Plese verify the correct name was given."

But if I modify the given path on the first windows, SDE accepts this path.
So in the file browser, I may not point to a non-existing file,
while in the first menu, I can enter “anything”, especially a new filename.

At least I am not used to that from Windows software, but no real problem.

W2k, SP4,
Eclipse 3.2


Hi Rolf,

From the file explorer, you need to select a .vpp file to be opened.

Best Regards,

year, I know this as Java style :-),
while with many just-windows-applications, I really can enter a NEW filename in a file menu.


Thanks Rolf, I will forward your suggest to our developers.