POJOs Generation for UNMAPPED Java Classes?

Q 1) POJOs Generation for UNMAPPED Java Classes?
Some of the Classes in my Model will NOT get data from an RDBMS, but will get data from Mainframe through some Tibco services layer.
Can I leave those Classes Unmapped to any Tables & still be able to generate POJOs?
When I tried that, it gave an Error that “No ORM Persistible Class Found”. So, I set the Stereotype of those classes to ORM persistible, by using the Right Click Menu option on those classes. Then the Code gen process went though, BUT there was NO JAVA file generated.
Is this a known issue that will be fixed?

Q 2) List instead of HashMap?
Can we change the generated Collection Object to be a List instead of a HashMap?
I created an aggregation from Class A to Class B, where the Multiplicity for B was *. It showed up as a HashMap of B inside A. Can I change some setting to make it generate a List, instead of a HashMap?

Hello sunilkroy,

About the POJO issue, currently we only can generate the POJO via ORM features. For the non-ORM class, you can right click and select Update to Code to generate the Java class. But please note that these Java class will be totally not related to ORM and only the class structure (not include any details) will be generated.

And for the collection, you can right click on the association to open the specification dialog and select ORM Association Detail. You can specify different collection type in the “Collection Type” combo box (see attached).

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

1) POJOs Issue
There are 2 issues in using the “Right Click–> Update To Code” option on the Class. a) We have to manually select All such classes to get their Java files. b) We do not get any Getters & Setters.
Is it expected in near future that we will get this feature to generate Java files properly for NON-Persistible Classes (without the above 2 issues) ?

  1. List Vs. HashMap
    This is resolved…Thanks

I have 4 packages in my Model (1 pkg for each functinal module).
How do I break them up into Re-Usable Modules like we used to have ".cat" files in Rational Rose? In Rational Rose, we could load the cat files into an MDL Model, either when opening a Model or after opening it.

Hello sunilkroy,

Thanks for replying. About the code generation issue, you can select all classes model to perform update-to-code. The ORM class will be ignored during the process. For the getter/setter, you have to open the specification dialog of the attribute and select the getter/setter check boxes at the bottom of the dialog. The getter/setter will be generated by selecting these check boxes.

For the re-usable model, we are sorry that currently we do not support in this way. We only support importing your share model as a standalone project. We will support reference to outer projects and retrieve the models in the future.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,
Rain Wong