Problem in Re-installation

I incorrectly installed the enterprise edition for UML. I reinstall it with community edition for UML. When install4j Wizard was running, the message, “The Java™ VM could not be started. Please restart the installation. You may use the parameter “/manual” to download or manually select a different VM.
Log: C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp\i4j_nlog_8”, it displayed. How can I reinstall it? Could you help me please?

Banny Lau

Hi Banny,

Thank you for your post.

First of all, you do not need to reinstall the product in order to change the product edition. You can switch between editions via the Product Edition Manager ($vp-suite-install-dir/bin/VP Suite Product Edition Manager 2.2.exe)

Secondly, would you mind posting the log file here so that I could ask our engineers to inspect the problem? Thank you in advance!

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Thank you for your information. With Help of Support Team, I got another version of program that is “No install version”

it can temporarily solve my urgency.

Thanks !


That’s great. Thanks Banny.