Problem renaming classes in class diagram

When I try to rename a class in a class diagram by opening up the class specification and renaming the class from, for example, ClassA to ClassB the class name does not get updated in the diagram. It does get updated in the Model View and if I reopen the class specification the name of the class is changed (to ClassB). I also tryed to rename the class from the model view by selecting the class and then selecting rename, still the class diagrm does not get updated.

I am using NetBeans 4.1 and SDE 3.0 Standard Edition for NetBeans.

Any help would be appreciated.


Dear John,

Thank you for your message and I’m sorry for reply you so late. The rename problem should be fixed in the latest release (20050624q). I suggest you can update your SDE and try again. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,