Problem reverse engineering Visual C++ application code

On attempting to Reverse Visual C++ Code I am getting a parse error when trying to process the macro DECLARE_DYNCREATE.

I get the following error:

...[08:55:09] [Error] Unable to read file ... Parse error at line 55, column 29.  Encountered: )

Line 55 of that file contains the following:


I have tried to define the macro in the predefined macros... section of the Reverse Code properties but it does not have any affect.
It should be noted that while the error lists line 55 and column 29, the actual source line is only 22 char long.

I would like to know how to make DECLARE_MESSAGE_MAP() be treated as a space.

Did you ever resolve this issue?
I am having the same problem with C++ macros with parameters and nested macros.
Boost uses macros to insert type
Does VP support C++ macros with parameters and nested macros?

Has anyone looked into this issue? The problem still exists in v14.1!


Sorry that C++ round-trip does not support macro function.
If you want to reverse code only, you can use Instant Reverse.
Or you can use round-trip in Visual Studio Integration.