Problem synchonizing class diagram with ERD in a 4-level generalization model

Hi everyone.

I have a herarchy class like this:

Class A

Class B extends A

Class C extends B

Class D extends C

Inheritance strategy is set to “Table per class hierarchy” for all of them.

When I synchronize to ERD, entity A is crated fine. Entity B maps fine, attached to entity A with a one-to-one identifying relationship (which is fine).

However, Entity C maps also with with a one-to-one identifying relationship to entity A instead doing with entity B. Entity D does the same thing (with A instead of doing with C).

Does anyone has a clue on solving this?

Thanks in advance for your time and thoughts :slight_smile:

I’m using VP-EEv6.4 Build sp2_20090411


Hello Diego,

Currently we only support synchronize inheritance classes to entities by creating 1:1 identifying relationship from base entity.

Actually having 1:1 relationships from root entity to all child entity, or having 1:1 relationship between each layer having the same effect in running the generated ORM code (the main idea for synchronize class to entity is to generate a set of working entities for your class model). We will consider to support generate 1:1 relationship between each layer in the future release. If there are any further inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,