PROBLEM: Visual paradigm 5.3 modeler edition with floating licenses and linux open source

[b]Hello, The problem is that we have six floating licenses for Visual paradigm modeler edition ver. 5.3 buid sp3_2006117 and it works fine but, we’e changing our Operating System to Linux Fedora 6 so the question is:

¿Is there a VP 5.3 version for linux?
Can we change or upgrade our 6 licenses to be useful with Visual paradigm for UML 6 ??

My email is:

P.D. Help we are desesperated![/b]

Hi delger,

According to your (or your company)'s record, your maintenance contract is still active. Therefore, you can advance to version 6 for free. Please login to our Customer Service Center to download your key.

Please feel free to contact me if there is any question.

Best regards,

I appreciate so much this information. Now i´m going to verify our maintenance contract with the user and pass to upgrade the key.

If i have some trouble with that i´ll contact you. I guess your e-mail is on your info =) thank you

Gerardo D.R.