Problem with generating Squence Diagram from Existing Code

Hi experts,
I have stuck-up in the process of generating Squence Diagram from Existing Code.
I followed two approaches .
Approach-1 with Instant-Reverse :
I gone through the steps (Instant-Reverse dialog box) but I was getting ‘please Select an operation’ after providing Java Source files(.java).

Approach-2 With ‘Class Repository’ view :
I tried to generate Sequence Diagram by selecting a method for e.g. showLoginPage from Controller.But after that my entire workspace got hung.This happenes to me everytime when I follow this approach.
Please find attached screenshot regarding this.

    Please correct me if I make a mistake over here.
    And also, please let me know if you need more information regarding this.     

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil A. Narvekar


I got a solution for this error.

Solution is here :

Thanks ..

 have an awesome day..