Problem with IntelliJ Idea

I’ve downloaded SDE for IntelliJ Idea, Community Edition, to see how good it is.
And I’ve found that once SDE plugin installed, I cannot edit my EJB Bean properties.
Here is my set up:

  • Idea 4.5.1
  • J2EE project with EJB and WEB modules
    J2EE project has one simple session bean.
    Now when I right-click on it I don’t have an “Edit” item in the context menu anymore. If I remove SDE plugin - it’s back there.
    So when I have SDE plugin installed I can’t edit bean properties anymore, which makes it pretty useless for any EJB projects…

Dear Victor,

Thank you for your message. I’ve tested your case with the latest SDE-IJ 3.0 but cannot reproduce your problem. I think this problem could be fixed long time ago. I suggest you can download and try our latest version. If you can reproduce the problem with the latest version, please let me know.

Best regards,