Problem with Template changes in Report Writer

We have made a own complex Template for report generation. To make changes in the XML Template I use an XML Editor, because the Report Writer Editor is not very user friendly. So I make the changes in the external XML Editor and save these. I open the XML Template over the Pane with the ‘Edit’ function and see there the changes. Now I drag the Template to the Writer Pane to generate the report.

And now the problem: The generate report based on the previously version of the template. The changes was unaccounted! I attempt many option, only when I close the Report Writer and start it again the template changes was realized in the report. But this Workaround need to much time. I must make many changes sometimes with try/error.

What is the problem here? Please can anybody help me? Is the previously version of the template in a cache? How can I clean the cache?

Hi ckuettner,

Report Writer need to know that the template is updated. However, if you update the template externally Report writer cannot realize the change. In order to solve the problem, in the Edit Template window, please make a change (e.g. add a space and remove it) to let Report Writer “knows” that the template is changed. Then, click Save/OK to confirm. This will make the changes take effect.

Best regards,