Problems creating attributes in VP UML using the keyboard

Hello, I’m fond of my keyboard, and I use it a great deal when creating new data with any tool.

When I create a new class in the UML class diagram, the right-click menu on the class says that I can create a new attribute (on my Mac) using the key sequence Option-Shift-A.

However, this does not work unless two things are true:

  1. At least one attribute already exists.
  2. I have that attribute selected.

Otherwise, such as in the case where there are no attributes, it just ignores me when I press Option-Shift-A. My only recurse is to laboriously go through the right-click menu to create the first option, which jumpstarts the process.


Hello John,

Thank you for your post. We will test it first, and then come back to you.

Best regards,