Problems with nHibernate and

Good personal night

I am developing a project in with nhibernate that he is presenting some problems of cache, only that what occurs is that when I edit the value of a field in the edition page and go to visualize the value edited it he brings the old value and if to be giving refresh in the screen it brings up to date the value with the new value that I informed, but is anternando between old and the new value.

Since already I am thankful for the aid

Hi pedro,

Could you provide us with your project and code that can let us produce the problem you have?

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Hi Jick,

I development this project in vpsuite for uml and generate code for this software, i imagine that code generate this problem.

My project you download hir

This file contains a file with sql for create DB and insert values and in folder UML you found archive that project VPSuite.

This projetct i develop with Visual Studio 2005 and DB Mysql.


Pedro Camargo

Hello pedro,

I am afraid the code base is too wide for us to locate the problem. Would you mind pointing me to the right code file(s) and portion of code that shows how you save the record after editing in the edition page? I believe that should be where the problem caused.

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