Publishing Visual Paradigm Project content to Sharepoint

Up until now, I have been publishing our project repository content for read-only access to a Shared File Server. This has worked quite well, with HTML fully accessible via browsers.

We are moving to Microsoft SharePoint for Intranet, online file share and collaboration. I have located the published content to a Document Library in a SharePoint Site but SharePoint is unable to view the linked HTML content through its use of ASPX web pages.

Is there some way to publish the project so that all linked HTML is properly-displayed via SharePoint?

Is the Base Path specification something that can drive the proper generation of document library sub-folder references for the content and diagrams folders?

I’m not clear how Base Path is used or if there are other options for publishing the content to SharePoint or there is a method to alter the published content for proper linking and display via SharePoint.

We are working on this topic in ticket-system…

Lets share the finding/solution here after we did it.

Thanks Peter.

I hadn’t got a satisfactory answer to my original support request e.g. What is the base path parameter used for? Can it resolve my issue?

I believe there is an enhancement required to VP for the Publish Project feature to support linked content using ASP (in SharePoint). Using cloud-based document libraries such as SharePoint is becoming common-place. Of course, VP may consider other future read-only browser options given the repository content is hosted in the cloud.

On the other hand, I was looking for insight for a possible interim solution. Any assistance from the wider community would be appreciated.

Hi Opensste,

The base URL actually is not related to the published content and should be removed from the dialog (a fault in the UI). We sure will support output the published content to different hosting sites/services in our future release, and I’m sorry about our current limitation. Feel free to contact me for any questions and wish you have a good day!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

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Of course it would be the best solution to have VP publish directly into SharePoint, however to my understanding it also could be a matter of converting your HTML output to ASP. Although I struggled a bit myself with it, there seems to be tooling that supports this.

Hello all,

has there been any movement in enabling the publishing of a VP project to SharePoint .ASPX? As we have well-over 30,000 objects including over 400 diagrams, manual edit of each published .HTML file would not be a proposition for us.

Are there suitable 3rd party tools one can use to convert the published content?

With the move to a cloud-based Office 365 environment, we are no longer able to support our internal business clients with read access to published content in HTML. This negates the value of the Visual Paradigm solution for us. @PeterWong has stated in November 2018 that this requirement is being worked on via a raised ticket. Could VP please advise what the status of this ticket is. Can we expect an imminent release that supports publishing to .ASPX or to SharePoint as an Intranet communication site.