Quality checker problem with interaction use in sequence diagram

Adding an interaction use that refers to a new sequence diagram causes the quality checker (file/Project-based Quality Checker) to object that the interaction use is a “Model element without any relationship”.

Perhaps I am doing something incorrect, but in case I’m not, here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. Create a new project;
  2. Create a sequence diagram with two lifelines;
  3. Add an interaction use spanning both lifelines and use Add/Remove Covered Lifelines to associate it with both lifelines;
  4. Add the interaction use’s referent by using refers to/New Sequence Diagram;
  5. Draw two lifelines in the second diagram, adding a single message named “abc” from the first lifeline to the second, and a return message;
  6. Merge the lifelines in the the second diagram to the corresponding lifelines in the first diagram (so that the leftmost lifeline in both diagrams is named “LifeLine” and the other one is named “LifeLine2”) using Related Elements/Merge to Model Element;
  7. Invoke the quality checker by selecting file/Project-based Quality Checker;
  8. Click the “refresh” icon;
  9. Notice that the interaction use has the “Very Bad” problem “Model element without any relationship”.

I’m having this identical problem. The documentation has not been helpful in resolving it. Is there a solution?