Question regarding EJB3, code generation and reverse engingeering

For several years I’ve used AndroMDA to generate application structures from UML, first EJB2, then hibernate and lately EJB3. I’ve been looking for alternative for a while, with the following characteristics:

  • Ability to generate EJB3 entity and session beans from UML model
  • Support for Seam
  • Support editing of generated files, i.e. implement operations etc.
  • Ability to reverse engineer changes made to method names, parameters, attributes and annotations to the model.

I found your product and did some tests. I have existing entity beans with JPA annotations on class and attributes. I used the instant reverse to get these to an UML class diagram. However, I don’t know if I did it wrong because I got the following result:

  • All associations between entities becomes two single-direction associations
  • The import was able to get the @Entity annotation, but not others like @Id, @NamedQuery etc
  • If I generate code from this model it’s very different. All getters&setters throw exception for unimplemented method and code for other methods has been lost.

That was as far as I got in this try. Is my usecase supposed to work?

Hi Sverker,

Thanks for your post. To generate EJB code, please run Java round-trip engineering (supported in VP-UML/SDE Professional Edition and DB-VA Java/Professional Edition). Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

By the way, Instant Generator is one-off engineering so it will overwrite all existing code every time you run it. Running Java round-trip engineering will update changed from models to code (or vice versa) only.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong