Re-installing SDE on new laptop


I have a license problem. I bought Professional edition (SDE for Eclipse) ver 2.0 a few months ago. Now I’ve got a new laptop and need to install it there. since I don’t have the copy of the old installation left I assume that I should download the “Visual paradigm Suite VERSION 2.1” and use my licence when installing.

  1. the Visual Paradigm Suite includes ALL versions (I really only need professional edition!)

  2. The download process requires me to chose an evaluation key - Why? I want to use my existing key!

  3. I installed the suite despite of (1) and (2) above, and the following happens when I imported my original license and then tried to start the SDE from Eclipse: The license key manager pops up and shows state "Valid"
    Ok, fine but why does it pop up if it’s valid? I then close the license manager window and then ANOTHER license key window pops up telling me the same license key state: “Valid”. Ok, ok, OK! Iv’e understood by now the license is valid. But when I close that second popup window, I get a third pop up message stating: “Your license key(s) are invalid, the application will exit!”. And I don’t find no candid camera in my room either…

So, what am I doing wrong here? Is it not possible to use a SDE 2.0 license key on a 2.1 SDE? In that case, how can I get the proper version?

Brds, lasse

Dear Brds,

Sorry for my late response. Can you send me your email address to so that I can send you the 2.0 version of SDE for Eclipse? Thanks.

Best regards,