References between several projects and more


I’ve been trying SDE for a while and there are several things that I have not been able to do. I don’t know if its possible to do it.

·Several projects with diagrams. I can have several projects in my solution, and each one have it’s own .vpp file with its diagrams. But, is there a way to have all the .vpp files opened at a time? So, if I have two projects “ClassLibrary1” and “ClassLibrary2” I could have the “ClassLibrary1” and the “ClassLibrary2” diagramas, each descending from its parent. Somethink like:
-Use Case Diagram
-Class Diagram

-Use Case Diagram
-Class Diagram

I think this should be clearer that the actual representation. By the way I don’t know how to set the actual SDE Project, so I must use “Update UML model” in a project to activate it. And there are times when you don’t what to Update de model right now. :slight_smile:

·Use classes from another project: It’s normal, while designing sequence diagrams, that you use classes from other projects, or even from the Framework or other third party assemblies. Is there a way to do it?

·VPP file: It could be very usefull that the .vpp file was added automatically to the project files, so it can be handled by the source control software.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Luis,

Thank you very much for the opinion regarding SDE-VS. I will forward all your suggestions to our development team. If there are any other comment, please feel free to share with us.

Best Regards,