Referencing Elements in separate projects

I need to manage DB elements in a project and UML elements separate projects.
The UML elements (for example Use Case elements) must reference some DB elements (for example some single Stored Procedures).
I’ve tried to use the “References” function that works fine … but … if the referenced object is located in a separate project when I check the “Referenced By” elements, the UML objects aren’t displayed !
It seems that the “References” functionality used with separate project is mono-directional … (Referenced By don’t works) …
I think that it’s a fondamental functionality … is it right ?

Hi NCister,

The reference is a one way relationship and what you experienced is a correct behavior. The model element being referenced do not need to know who are referencing it. If you want to have a 2 way relationship you can consider to use the Model Transitor. The Model Transitor imply a transition between models. This is a bi-directional relationship which may fit for your need.

Best regards,
Rain Wong