Release, Traceability and Tasks?

Hello Jick,

is there any traceability and task functionality built into VP-UML ?

For example, when I start defining a requirement, I know that more work has to be done later on - so I need to set a marker to remind me of an open issue (e.g. discuss the requirement with stakeholders and setup TestCases afterwards). During work there will be an amount of open ends, so I need to view those markers easily.

I need to have an overview of open tasks, finished work etc. I also need to document the status of releases (e.g. these requirement have led to testcase which caused some coding, which …). Workpackages are all the tasks needed for creating a release - from the initial CR until the final product. So I would need to associate actors, requirements, usecases etc. with freely definable release or product descriptions (including my documentation tasks and release notes).

Are there any features that help me with that ?


Hello Bernd,

Thank you for your post. Your suggestion has been passed to our team for feasibility studies. We will let you know if we will support your request.

Best regards,