Reordering flow of events in UC

I’ve been evaluating the use of VP for UML, and I really like the possibilities with your Use Case descriptions. I tried to do some use cases, however, and am finding the usability needs some work. Most of the usability problems I’ve encountered have already been submitted in this forum. However, there’s one really annoying one that I haven’t seen anyone else post about.

My problem is that sometimes I need to reorder events in the flow of events in the use case. For example, I forgot to include an important step in the use case and I want to insert it at the beginning of the list. I don’t see a way to insert a new step, so I thought I could create a new step at the end and then move it using the up and down arrows. Unfortunately, the up and down arrows seem to move the entire “flow of events” item within the UC, rather than moving individual steps in a flow.

Is there any way to move steps around? If not, please consider adding it. I do not believe this feature will be usable until you can easily modify all aspects of text that has been entered, including the ability to reorder and/or insert steps anywhere within a flow of events.


  • Tim

Dear Tim,

Currently there is no way to move up or down flow of events steps. We will provide this feature in the next release. Thank you for your suggestion.