Report Writer: Behavior and Shape reference

I have another request about “behavior” and “reference” detail on activity diagram.

I attach the document about the information, the project vpp, and the tamplate.xml

Thanks, Anna

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your post and files. About your requirement “I want to insert the “BH Verificar quantidade de contratos pos-pago” figure”:
Do you mean to have the whole image of activity diagram “Verificar quantidade de contratos pós-pagos e pré-pagos”?
If I misunderstood your expectation, could you please give me a sample output? Thanks!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Lilian,
I attach another document…with detail


Hi Anna,

I’ve forwarded the details to our engineers to follow-up, and I’ll come back to you once there is any feedback.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Anna,

Sorry for the delay. I would like to let you know that we enhanced to insert model image to Report Writer. You can find the sample templates below (please refer to the attachment descriptions of which location they should be placed).

Please download the latest patch from the following link for the enhancements:

Please note the following 2 points:

1.with “Child.xml”, when you try to generate image of activity “BH Verificar quantidade de contratos pós-pagos e pré-pagos”, you will find that only the action “cálculo do resultado” is shown on its image. This is because although the activities are shown inside it on the diagram, but they are actually not the children of “BH Verificar quantidade de contratos pós-pagos e pré-pagos” - only the action “cálculo do resultado” is its child (see the image below). Therefore it can only generate image with ““cálculo do resultado”” inside.

  1. with “Image.xml”, you can only drag the template by selecting the model element (expand the diagram) in Diagram Navigator. If you drag from the Model Explorer, it will generate nothing.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong