Report writer create custom document template


i try to create a template for a report with OpenOffice. I set the title, subject and author fields into the first page but in the report writer these fields are not filled. Instead of the report title it is printing a wired string like that:



I updated to the latest patches but it does not change anything of this mentioned above.

Beside that i did not found any deeper documentation about creating custom report templates from scratch. Do you have some hints where i can find eg. some tutorials.


Hi Ccx2009,

Thanks for your post. I think your “title”, “subject” fields means Insert > Subject and Insert > Title in Writer’s main menu. We are sorry that we do not support these fields.

In order to fill in the Author, Report Name, Company Name … fields when you create document with your own report template, you need to insert bookmark on the report template in prior. Please refer to the attached image for details.
Attached you can find the sample report template (with bookmarks inserted), and the image of results as well.

BTW, having e.g. Report Type, Report Type 2 is for showing the Report Type on different location of report template.
You can at most have 3 bookmarks (vpuml-generated-i-bookmark-report_type_1, vpuml-generated-i-bookmark-report_type_2, vpuml-generated-i-bookmark-report_type_3) for the same field.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong


Thanks Lilian it works fine know :slight_smile:

Hi Ccx2009,

You are welcome. Please feel free to have a post again if you need any help.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong