Representation of packages changable?


hope this is the right place to ask such questions.

Classes inside their packages are shown as “graphical boxes” inside their package representation, which also is shown as a “graphical box”. For me this is a really annoying type of presentation as it takes a lot of space when you come to a deeper package structure and start to mix up classes of different packages within the same diagram.

Is there a way to tell VP-UML to show it as a textual addition within the class header? Something like:

| MyClass_ |


I couldn’t find any check box to make this happen nor any documentation on this topic.



Dear Dirk,
Currently, this feature is not yet supported. We will add similar feature very soon. Thank you for your suggestion. Your comment is welcome

Best Regards,

I completely agree. We are currently evaluating this product for use on a medium sized (10 engineers) project, and this is the only point that is putting us off.

It would be very helpful if you could indicate when this feature may be implemented, as it would help me in my proposal to use Visual Paradigm.