Requirements diagram

Is there any way to grab text from the text area of textual analysis to populate the text field of a requirement model?

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Currently, we do not support this feature. Could you describe more about your need? How will you use such feature?

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By using the requirements diagram to confirm a good class diagram. A good deal of text that’s part of the problem statement ends up as classes as well as requirements. My feeling was that it would save a bunch of typing if those requirements could be pulled from the text pane portion of textual analysis as it is done for the class diagram.

As another thought to that, when reading text and highlighting candidate classes sometimes you run across attributes. It would be nice to be able to highlight those attributes and assign them to the appropriate candidate class. I know that this may be asking for too much but I just wanted to put it out there.

Let me know if my explanation doesn’t make sense.



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Thank you for your explanation. I’ll forward your request to our team for further studies.

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Hello Jick,

another YES to that suggestion and another wish:
I would like to extract nearly any kind of UML element from a textual analysis. Why should the teaxtual analysis be limited only to process elements or usecase diagrams ?