Reset Windows Netbeans


I installed Visual Paradigm for UML netbeans integration.

This worked fine, until I clicked Window | Reset window in netbeans.

Now I can’t get my VP windows back, any ideas?

Hi meijuh,

You can show the VP-UML views by selecting View > VP-UML View from the main menu.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Ah, it worked, well hidden though. From a user perspective I assumed pressing reset windows would also reset my VP windows when ‘open VP-UML SE’ is activated in the projects menu.

btw, I think I should have posted this in another subforum.

Three more questions.

  1. After my reset windows action in netbeans, I cant find the thing in the menu to generate class diagrams for the instant reverse java code to class diagram. Somehow the part where I could click generate class diagram is gone. Also the result of the instant reverse is gone. I tried opening all the views for VP-UML, but no luck.

Edit: I reinstalled netbeans and Visual Paradigm, now it is back, it is supposed to be under ‘class repository’. However, after pressing reset windows it is gone. And it won’t come back.

  1. Is there a way to generate a class diagram of a selection of classes (in netbeans)?

  2. Is there a student license for the standard edition of VP-UML, as I am a student and in possession of a student email?

Hi meijuh,

For 1: do you mean the tree is missing after reset window?

For 2: yes, you can right click on selected classes in Class Repository tree and select Form Diagram to generate the class diagrams.

For 3: Have you heard about our Academic Partner Program? Educational institutions participating in this program are entitled to department-based license(s) for the Standard Edition for free, provided that the software is solely used for teaching purposes.

You might want to speak to your professor about this program regarding the possibility of a free license for your studies. For details, please read:

Best regards,
Rain Wong