Retirement of DB-VA and SDE

As of March, 2012, Database Visual ARCHITECT (DB-VA) and Smart Development Environment (SDE) have been retired.

All the features supported by DB-VA are merged to Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) Standard Edition. DB-VA customers who still have software maintenance contract are entitled to Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) Standard Edition at no additional cost.

About SDE, the capability to integrate with Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Visual Studio are moved to Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML). SDE customers who still have software maintenance contract are entitled to Visual Paradigm for UML (VP-UML) at no additional cost.

We here at Visual Paradigm wish to thank our customers and users. We sincerely appreciate your support, and regret any inconvenience that might cause from these changes.

If you have any question regarding your license, please contact us at:

Here is the product page of Visual Paradigm for UML:

Hello Jick,

I have one question about the new licensing option and figured it would be best asked here, also because it could help others.

I had a Modeler license for the SDE version; SDE NetBeans to be precise. Today I renewed my support contract (I’m so glad you guys allow that even though I was a month overdue!), updated all my development software (NetBeans 7.2 and moved to Visual Paradigm for UML 10) and everything works as expected.

But could you please confirm that the ‘former’ SDE users are indeed now allowed to use VP for UML in both the integrated “SDE mode” as well as in stand alone mode ?

I conclude as much myself considering that you first install the stand alone version and from there on implement the “SDE part” (“IDE integration”). Still, from a former SDE perspective this new setup is HUGE in my opinion, as such I want to be sure I’m not violating policies.

Normally I always used the SDE part for my Java development but because your software is so extensive and flexible I eventually decided to use it in a stand alone fashion as well to support my Max/MSP projects every now and then. Because this is all hobby based I used a Community license for this.

So needless to say; being able to use my Modeler license for that environment as well is a huge advantage for me.

Thanks in advance for any answers you can give me!

You are correct that the former SDE user are now allow to use the standalone VP-UML. And they are not just bound to the IDE they previously used. They are now allow to integrate VP-UML with all our supported IDEs. As long as only one instance of the software is running at anytime (no matter the standalone tool, or the IDE embedded version) it will then be fine.

Best regards,
Rain Wong