Reverse engineering

I’d like to generate UML class diagram from source code. I clicked on a package -> SDE EE-IJ -> Update to SDE EE-IJ. I had then a popup “synchronizing”. Then nothing appear. Where is the class diagram.

Another issue
*.vpd and *.vpp don’t seem to be associated with a registered file type within IntelliJ. How can I open them?

IntelliJ version : 4.5.2

Dear vietboy,

“Update to SDE EE-IJ” will only update the selected source file into UML models. It will not generate a class diagram automatically. To generate the class diagram, please open the Project Explorer and switch to the Model Tree or Class Repository. Right click on the classes that want to generate the diagram then select Form Diagram. You can generate the diagram as navigation basis, hierarchy basis or generate with the customized options. More details can be found at Working with Diagrams section of the SDE user’s guide:

Please note that the .vpd and .vpp is not associated with the IntelliJ. The .vpd file is used to contain some diagram information. User shouldn’t open this file directly. The .vpp file is the project file contains all the UML models and diagrams. After you have create a UML project inside your IntelliJ project (i.e., Open SDE EE-IJ), then this file will be created. This file will be opened when you open the UML model inside IntelliJ.

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