Reverse enginer multiple C++ files with associations posible?

Is it possible to revese engineer multiple C++ files at once to produce a class diagram complete with associations?

I have only found it possible to do single header files which produce a single class representation. I then have to repeat this with all the classes and then add the associations manually.

Is it possible to automate this process somewhat?

Hi wirelessjava2002,

Yes, you can reverse multiple C++ files at once. To achieve this, reverse the folder that containing those C++ files.

For forming class diagram, you have to do it manually. After reverse, open the Model Tree, select the classes that you want them to appear in the class diagram, and select Form Diagram > $form-option from the popup menu.

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Excellent Jick,

I tried using the elipsis to get the folder, which then displays a dialog box saying it needs to be pointed to a file. I didnt notice that it didnt qualify the folder with the path, so after putting the path in it worked as you suggested.

Thank you