Reverse Java Source

  1. Is Java 1.5 (generics & enums) supported
  2. How do you set classpaths for Java reverse

Hi gerhard,

You are asking the question at the right time!

  1. Our coming release that will be available on 14/4 will support Java 1.5 in reverse engineering (Instant Reverse).

  2. This will also be supported in the next version.

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This is my first post and we are loking into buying a tool for creating diagrams from existing java code. My understanding is I can use this tool to do that however, I am not being able to find a tutorial or documentation that would let me know how to use this tool to feed the source code to it and get a flow diagrams out of it. I have installed it wit intellij and I see the plugin and its related icons etc, I see a menu to create a bunch of different types of diagrams but for some reason I have not been able to find where it shows how I can use source to generate diagrams. Thanks for your help in evaluating this product.
the thread above answers my question just in case some one else stumbles upon this thread with the same ?

Hi user,

Thanks for your messages. Currently we reverse source code to Class Diagram only, you can reverse Java source code, JARs or class folders by Instant Reverse or Java round-trip engineering. You can get details of Instant Reverse and Java round-trip engineering from the following links:

Instant Reverse:

Java round-trip engineering:

*The above resources are using SDE for Eclipse (SDE-EC) as example, but it’s similar for other Java IDEs integrated with SDE.

BTW, we will support reversing source code to Sequence Diagram in the future. Should you have any further inquiry, please feel free to ask.

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Lilian Wong