Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram not working on "Please select an operation"?

Hi expert,

I was trying to Instant Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram using Visual Paradigm UML for Enterprise Edition version 10.1 evaluation version on Mac.
But I can not generate any diagram and was stopped by a pop up message "Please select an operation."
This was happened after I selected Tools …Reverse Java to Sequence Diagram… a java src folder or a java source file and click Next button.
Did I missing anything?

Hi John,

This problem should be caused by you specified the wrong source folder for the reverse engineering. Please reference to the following movie to solve this problem.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

I watched the movie and I have specified my source file correctly but I still do not see any operations on the files I want to reverse engineer. Is there any limitation on the evaluation version that would prevent this?


Hi Bob,

The evaluation version do not have such limitation. Can you send me your source file to diagnose the problem? You can send it to Please include the URL of this forum post in your message. Thanks and look forward to hear from you.

Best regards,
Rain Wong

To reverse you have to select the top level package of your source code (src for example) in order to let VP analyse all needed dependencies to create your sequence diagram.

I have been having exactly this same problem, even though the source code folder is correctly selected. VP shows the operations sometimes, but then if I go back to reverse source to a second sequence diagram, all of the operations are now missing from the window. Seems very buggy.

Hi user,

Sorry for the problem. Unfortunately, we failed to reproduce your case. What we did was to reverse and form a new sequence diagram at the end. Then, try to reverse again. The source paths are properly restored. We kept clicking Next and at the end a new diagram was produced.

Do you have more information/steps for us to check further? Thank you.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung