Rose import

Is VP really able to import fairly large Rose models. Every time I’m trying to import a Rose model I get an ‘Out of memory error’ exception and the import process freezes

How large is your project? We have tried about 1.5 MB project file. If that is possible, please send me your project. My email address is

I’m having a similar problem. I’m trying to import a 2 MB .mdl file, the progress bar quickly flashes 15% and then disappears. Nothing locks, but nothing gets loaded. The import seems to work fine for small files.

The evaluation version only allow import 20 models per project. We have tested the Rose importer for a file bigger than 4 MB. There is no problem. We will consider to remove this limitation in the evaluation version to make sure the user the test the real feature.

I recently installed the SE evaluation version. I’m trying to determine if I can import our Rose files. It appears to work (it even increments the number of use cases etc.) but there are no diagrams or data created. Is there a problem with which version of Rose I use? Any other suggestions? By the way my .mdl is only about 248K .

We have purchased 2 copies of SE and I’m still having problems with Rose file import. The file is about 248K and the system just chokes when I try to import. Any suggestions?

Could you send me your .mdl file to my email?