Roundtrip Engineering Java

I’m evaluating VP-UML Enterprise Edition, in order to convince my boss to get a license for development.

However I keep finding problems with the Roundtrip Enginnering feature in Java.

I’m trying this feature with one of our projects, a WebApp based on AppFuse :

  • Every class that uses any resource contained on a .JAR, fails to preserve that relation when attempting Rev. Eng.
    I found out that to prevent this, I must also import every single .JAR (+20) and add it to the Class Repository.
  • However, when I try to RoundTrip back to my IDE (Eclipse), VP tries to generate every single class, including classes I haven't touched, like the ones found inside the .JAR.


Hi dornad,

Thank you for your post. How did you reverse your JAR files to VP? If you reverse them through the Instant Reverse feature, they should be ignored during code generation. Could you provide me with the steps? Thank you in advance!

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Today I updated VP and I’m going to try again to do roundtrip eng.

  • Start Eclipse 3.2
  • Right-click on Project, then click [b]Open VP-UML Project[/b]
  • On VP, click on [b]Class Repository[/b] and then on [b]Instant Reverse[/b] button
  • Instant Reverse Dialog shows up, I click on add source folders and add folder src and folder test
  • Click on Add Jars, then add Webwork's JARS
  • Click the OK btn, th source forlders and jars are displayed in the Class Repository under Java Resources
  • Right-Click on Java Resources > Reverse Java Resources to .. > Class Repository. [b]Nothing happens.[/b]
  • Right click every JAR and Source folders and then Reverse Java Resources to .. > Class Repository. [b]Reverse Ing occurs and the packages/classes are displayed in the Class Repository[/b].
  • Create a new Class diagram and there I create a new empty class with a Generalization relation to another existing Class.
  • Go to Class Repository and then click on the [b]update Eclipse button[/b]
  • The class is generated (no JAR issues.... ) [b]however it is generated in a separate folder, not the src folder[/b]

Apparently the updated solved that problem… However I just noticed that the new classes are generated in the wrong place, am I missing something ?

Edit: 8:51 AM : After trying to open the new class in Eclipse, both VP and Eclipse crashed. Perhaps I should be using SDE for Eclipse instead of VP ?

Hi dornad,

Thanks for the steps. May I know where did the class (code) being generated? Is there a package holding the class (model)?

About the crashing, we are sorry to heard about this. Could you send me the VM log file? I think you can find it under $Eclipse-home and/or $vp-suite-install-dir/bin . The VM log should have file name like ‘hs_err_pid2368.log’

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