Save diagrams in Idea integrated version


now my evaluation version works, but it does not save the diagrams in idea. Is that a restriction on the evaluation version? Whenever I close the sde plugin or restart idea all diagrams are gone!

If this is a restriction evaluating it is really difficult! I need to show severals developers how to work with the tool, how can I when I am unable to prepare some demo stuff?

Thanks for helping

Hi Sebastian,

Can you tell me what’s the operating system you are using? And what’s the build number of the SDE installed?



I am using gentoo linux and the latest build from the homepage.

Just for information: it works alright in Win 2000.

But our team is working on linux so this is not of much use for buying the professional version, if it does not work on the desired platform

This is a permission problem, please run it as a root user. This problem is fixed, a new release will be comming soon.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


Are you serious? I guess the SDE will be deleted from the list of our modelling tools. How can run my ide as a root user? You now what that means in a development department with more than one developer? Everyone of them should have root access to his machine. When developing bugs are quite common and every one of them can destroy the whole operating system.

I do not want to go to our admins and them to give root access to every employee. I guess that is not a real option for us.

Thanks for the help anyway.

I am so sorry for this problem. Anyway this problem has been fixed in our current SDE for NetBeans version. Thank you for your evaluation.