Saving a project takes a long period of time

I’m using an Evaluation Copy of Version 5.0. In my test project I have 18 activity diagrams. Now it takes nearly half a minute to save the project. I intend to create some further diagrams in this project. But I fear that it will take more and more time with each new diagram.
Should I split the project into several smaller projects?

Dear JN,

Thank you for your message. When saving the project, VP will cache all opened diagrams. To reducing the saving time, please close all unused diagrams before save. You can close multiple diagrams through the Switch to Diagram dialog (Ctrl-Shift-E) or simply close all diagrams by Ctrl-Shift-W. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Hello Rain,

Thanks for your help. Your solution reduces the saving time round 50 percent.

I have three activity diagrams with only one opened, and it sill need long time(about 2 minutes) to save project (I have Athlon 1.8 and 1GB of memory)

Dear Anonymous,

Sorry for causing you any inconvenience. Would you mind sending me your project file along with the log file (%VP-Suite_HOME%/bin/vp.log) for testing? You can send it to my email address:

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