Hello everybody!

I’ve been doing this tutorial :

and I’m a bit stuck all of a sudden. It seems as though there is a gap between the end of the “performing design” section of the tutorial and the “Performing implementation.” The tutorial skips the necessary steps needed to allow me to be able to use the “Update Code” toolbar button, instead doing the steps before this section of the tutorial begins.

I’ve looked all over the website for the “SchoolForRoundTrip.csproj” which is the modified/built upon version of the project the tutorial (and myself) have been busy creating up until the 3rd stage; however I can’t find it anywhere on the website to download.

can anyone explain where to find it?
How to transition from the end of part 2 to part 3?

Thanks for your help!

Dear Reid,

About the gap between part 2 and part 3, actually this should not be a problem because every part is designed to be stand alone, which means you can perform a chosen part that you feel interested.

And you mentioned that the “Update Code” button is not enabled, I guess this is because you are not using SDE Professional Edition, since code synchronization is available in SDE Professional Edition only.

The link for downloading the sample project is at the end of the last chapter of the tutorial (chapter 4). Here is the direct link for downloading it: